Helping NGOs maximize their impact in communities in Haiti.

Find the knowledge you need to make a difference.


NGOs are accountable to multiple constituencies, including donors, the public, their boards of directors and staff, partners and the people they serve or represent.

Monitoring & Evaluation

The importance of assessing your project to understand whether strategic changes need to be made and act accordingly.


The importance of transparency is for accountability and greater effectiveness.

About Centre NGO

Centre NGO is an innovative, independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and strengthening of nonprofits to maximize their impact in communities in Haiti by providing resources on its social sector.

About us

Ways we can help you

We deliver knowledge, clarity, and experienced leadership to solve social problems in Haiti. Here’s a quick look at how we can help you.


Couses are provided in group settings to encourage the participation of team members  learn the critical thinking and practical applications required to solve organizational problems.


We specialize in non-profit management. With research, we will guide your non-profit in the right direction for sustainable change.

Legal Assistance

We provide you a list of Lawyers who specialize in all your needs related to non-profit in the social sector in Haiti.


Through data analysis provided by your organization, we will find Grants that will benefit your organization and mission.